50 Cent On Eminem

Do y’all realize that eminem’s success is in large part because of the fact that he’s white? But I mean y’all can support that clown if you want to

At least he own up to that fact unlike Macklemore and Iggy. Em did a better job than any other white rapper at respecting the hip hop culture as someone outside joining.

I don’t know about that part. I’ll give him that but Em is probably one of most problematic rappers out there. The list of shit he did is disturbing long.

I’m not talking about his music. I’m talking about the way he came into the rap game. He didn’t just barge in here take rap, then peace out doing his own thing pretending like he created the shit. No he got a mentor, he learned the game, he is fully aware and recognizes that his white privilege shot him to the top. I’m still waiting for the name of another white rapper who has done this. You dont have to like his music to be able to recognize he approached this culture better than anyone else and let’s not pretend like there aint no black rappers out there just as problematic that y’all will worship to the death aka Childish Gambin